Trade nanomaterials safely and easily

Whether you are a Nano Producer involved in fabricating nanomaterials, or an industrial user looking to improve your product with innovative nanomaterials, the Nano Commodity Exchange is the place to buy and sell nanomaterials globally.

The Nano Commodity Exchange is a self-regulating organisation delivering an electronic trade platform. This is specific to listing accredited, inspected and validated nanomaterials and nano-enabled commodities for physical delivery.

Our services range from providing subscription access to a live electronic trade platform for physical delivery and price discovery in base oils, polymers and specialty materials, an online nanomaterials sales portal where over 5,000 variants of engineered nanomaterials are listed, materials certification and toxicology services for nanomaterials, a market system to trade industry-focused knowledge in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and bespoke consultancy geared to provide industry a roadmap to advance the compliant integration of nanotechnologies.

NANO COMMODITY EXCHANGE is powered by INSCX. In association with The World Nano Foundation and Nano Magazine.